Hank Kunneman Heard ‘Demonic Chatter’ Revealing Hell’s Plan to Impeach Trump

Last week, right-wing flag-loving pro-Trump pastor Hank Kunneman and his wife, Brenda, held a “Prophetic Pulse Conference Call,” during which Hank reported that God had recently given him several visions in which he was shown the plans that demonic forces are putting together in order to take down President Donald Trump.

Kunneman claimed that in “a vision recently,” he witnessed “a demonic ritual going on” where “a spirit was being called up to try to now bring almost like a dark horse candidate” into the Democratic Party primary.

“This is spiritual warfare,” he said. “None of the candidates now are looking like they can evenly match or take out [Trump] … I saw something very demonic trying to be implemented and trying to be revealed, and we need to pray against that.”

Kunneman then reported that just that morning, God had told him that between Halloween and Thanksgiving, Hell would unleash a wave of “nonsense” related to the impeachment investigation into Trump.

“I could hear the sounds of demonic chatter,” he reported. “The Lord said, ‘They are calling for November—Hell is—to be declared as the November of nonsense, to create a bunch of nonsense, trials’ … They were going to take it to another level, and they were going to actually try to move forward on certain things that they are meeting in secret about. They have between Oct. 30 and Thanksgiving as their window of opportunity.”