Hank Kunneman and the Prophetic Thumb Drive

During his appearance on “The Jim Bakker Show” yesterday, right-wing pro-Trump pastor Hank Kunneman suddenly received a prophetic word from God that the appearance of a thumb drive would be a signal that America will undergo a “season of restoration” in which prayer is returned to public schools and abortion is outlawed.

“There has been a yoke that they have tried to put upon the shoulders of this president,” Kunneman declared. “They have tried to yoke him and weigh him down and even now seek to use words and proverbs of impeachment and obstruction of justice, but this shall not happen, says the Lord. For I have released now, with my humor, with my anointing, that shall break this yoke that shall seek to remove this president. I shall release my anointing that shall break the yoke of division and strife. And from the violence, I shall unite. For out of the division taking place, I shall unite as I did when I multiplied the five loaves and two fishes. From the dividing came a uniting to display my compassion for a people. And so my compassion shall outweigh the anger, the hatred, that shall bring this nation back on course. But watch my humor, as I release an anointing that breaks this yoke that shall cause yolks to be egg on their face that have touched what I am doing.”

“I am putting my thumb upon the diabolical deeds of those who have stood before me,” Kunneman continued, speaking on behalf of God. “And look for a sign, a thumb drive. When this appears, it shall be a sign of my thumb—the finger of God—that has been and is upon this nation to expose, to expose, to expose that this land shall come into a season where it shall rest. For the trumpet shall be louder and the voice of the trumpet through Trump shall even blast louder and it shall outweigh the anger and that which is against it. But then there shall come the season of restoration and it shall be known as the hour of payback, where I will bring back the Commandments, prayer in school. I will bring back, God says, the right for the unborn to live and it shall be outlawed in your land, says the spirit of God. Watch what I do in the season of the trumpet that blows over the next few years.”