Glenn Beck, Who Likens Everything to Nazi Germany, Is Outraged by Comparisons to Jim Crow

During last Tuesday’s episode of his radio program, “Glenn,” right-wing conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck voiced his outrage that anyone would dare to compare Georgia’s restrictive new voter law to Jim Crow.

“How dare you insult the memory of all those who suffered real suffering under Jim Crow laws,” Beck bellowed. “To say this is worse than Jim Crow is an even bigger insult to the memory of all those who actually suffered, were imprisoned, were tortured, were beaten, were lynched. It is an insult to all those who not only didn’t make it through but [those who] did and led people into freedom. How dare you!”

Beck, of course, has no business being so sanctimonious, given that he has for years regularly compared things he opposes to Nazi Germany.

Just a quick search through our archives of posts about Beck reveals that in the past he has:

  • Stated that a book produced by the USDA to encourage children to become more adventurous eaters was no different than Nazi propaganda.
  • Complained that adults once failed to break up a pool party after the police were called because they were afraid, which is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany.
  • Warned that the Obama administration would round up Tea Party activists like the Nazis rounded up Jews.
  • Asserted that a boycott of a pizza restaurant that refused to provide service to a gay couple’s wedding was no different than what happened under the Nazis: “What kind of America are you building, you frickin’ Nazis. What kind of Nazi regime are you building? Wake up!”
  • Proclaimed that the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was like something “fascistic from the Nazi days.”
  • Declared that Christianity is being replaced by secularism in the United States, which is a clear indication the U.S. is headed toward a path reminiscent of Nazi Germany.
  • Feared that criticizing Republican politicians would result in the rise of a Nazi-style party in America.
  • Reacted to criticism of a billionaire venture capitalist who had complained about the “progressive war on the American one percent” by declaring, ‘We are Germany 1930.”
  • Insisted that activists purchasing debt for the purpose of canceling it “sounds like the Golden Dawn Party.” (The Golden Dawn Party is a fascist neo-Nazi political party in Greece and one of Beck’s favorite catch-all term for warning about the supposed coming resurgence of the Nazi movement in America.)
  • Likened New York’s former ban on large soft drinks to Hitler.
  • And once just flat out declared, “the Nazis are here.”


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