Glenn Beck Explains What Made Him Change His Mind About Trump

Glenn Beck spent the entire 2016 election cycle warning that Donald Trump was crazy, a dangerous psychopath, and the “biggest flaming [ass] that you could possibly imagine.” When other conservatives endorsed Trump, Beck was furious and wondered how they could even sleep at night. Throughout the campaign, Beck steadfastly refused to support Trump, insisting that Jesus Christ himself would tell Beck not to support him because doing so would be disloyal to God.

Despite the fact that Trump’s first term in office has proven that just about every one of Beck’s warnings were accurate, Beck announced last year that he now supports Trump and intends to vote for him in November. During Trump’s speech during the Republican National Convention last Thursday night, Beck expressed his regrets for the things he said about Trump during the 2016 campaign and followed that up on his radio program Friday by explaining what caused him to change his mind.

“I felt so bad about what I said, how I said things in 2016, and I’ve been feeling this way for a couple of days during this convention,” Beck said. “I just feel like I need to apologize to his children. … His children love him, and I don’t believe, for example, [that] Ivanka is a psychopath. How is it that Ivanka loves him, all of his children love him as much as they do if he’s a psychopath in real life? He’s not.”