Glenn Beck: In America, The ‘Seeds’ of Nazi Germany are ‘Everywhere’

Right-wing television and radio host Glenn Beck warned his audience yesterday that Christianity is being replaced by secularism in the United States and that it is a clear indication the U.S. is headed toward a path reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

On yesterday’s episode of Beck’s solo program on the digital television offshoot of his The Blaze outlet, Beck was joined by conservative talk show host Dennis Prager to discuss the string of bombings in Sri Lanka last weekend. The duo talked abstractly about what they believe to be the decline of Judeo-Christian influence in the Western hemisphere, during which Beck compared a cultural shift away from the church to the early years of Nazi Germany.

“We saw this before when [Friedrich] Nietzsche said ‘God is dead.’ He was really pretty much warning the German people, ‘What is it you’re going to replace God with, Germans, because, look out, you will replace reason and knowledge with something.’ And they lost their faith, they lost their reason and the Germans replaced it with pseudo-science and folklore and legend, and look what that produced in Germany,” Beck said.

“We’re seeing the seeds of this everywhere and yet we are refusing to look at it,” Beck said.

Prager said that the cross was like a “thin blue line” resting “between chaos and order in the West.”