Beck: America Becoming Worse than Nazi Germany & ‘The Most Evil Nation in the History of the World’

Discussing the NSA surveillance program, the alleged IRS targeting of conservative groups and Obamacare on his show today, Glenn Beck warned that America is becoming a “totalitarian state” and “will be remembered as the most evil nation in the history of the world, we will dwarf what Germany did.”

Later, Beck wondered about how easily the Obama administration could “shut down the Tea Party” and “round up” Tea Party members like Hitler went after the Jews.

Beck even suggested that Chief Justice John Roberts changed his decision on the constitutionality of the health care reform law after he was blackmailed or threatened by the Obama administration: “Did someone approach you with some sort of information? Who are you sleeping with, Mr. Supreme Court Justice? What have you done?”

“Are we crazy or can we make this case enough, it may not be able to do anything but discredit you, your whole life will be destroyed,” Beck continued. “You know sometimes children just don’t behave, do they? Sometimes children just do awful things and I would hate to see your family torn apart.”

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