Christian Nationalist Sean Feucht Prayed Over Multiple Elected Officials: ‘Nothing Can Stop the Kingdom of God’

Christian musician turned right-wing political activist Sean Feucht made a stop at MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer’s church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, last Thursday, where he proudly declared himself a Christian nationalist.

Christian nationalists believe the U.S. and state governments should operate and legislate according to their interpretation of the Bible, and that only Christians who share their political and religious worldview should control the reins of power. While many right-wing activists seek to downplay or obfuscate their Christian nationalist agenda, Feucht was very open about his intentions.

“We want God to be in control of everything,” he declared. “We want believers to be the ones writing the laws. Yes. Guilty as charged.”

Feucht was in Oklahoma last week because it was the latest stop on the “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour, a joint project he launched with right-wing youth organization Turning Point USA to bring Feucht’s mix of worship and hard-right politics to every state capitol in the nation.

Last Friday, Feucht and his “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour set up shop on the grounds of the Oklahoma capitol, where Feucht was welcomed by Gov. Kevin Stitt, who last year dedicated “every square inch” of the state to Jesus.

Following brief remarks from Stitt, Feucht laid hands upon the governor and led the audience in praying over him.

“This is so biblical, and it’s so appropriate for us to come as the people of God and release a blessing over this building, over this man, over the government,” Feucht proclaimed. “This is really Davidic what we’re doing here, it’s like David bringing an offering to the Lord at the most important governmental building in the state, and we’re just so honored to have the governor here with us.”

“Lord, we just thank you for this man of God,” Feucht continued. “We thank you for the state of Oklahoma. God, we thank you for what you’re doing here. We thank you, God, how you’re raising up this state to be a model state for America. God, we thank you that you’ve put a mantle of leadership on Gov. Kevin and you put a mantle of leadership on the legislature of this state. God, we need godly leaders in America, and we thank you that you have them in Oklahoma. Lord, we pray God that you would take the pattern of what you’re doing here and that you would duplicate it across the land.”

Two days later, Feucht and his tour stopped at the capitol in Topeka, Kansas, where multiple members of the state legislature, Rep. Tracey Mann, and far-right state Attorney General Kris Kobach all prayed and were then prayed over by Feucht in return.

“No longer can the church afford to vacate the political realm,” Feucht declared. “Lord, we thank you, God, that you have raised up men and women to stand as watchmen on the wall for the state of Kansas. Lord, we commit as the Church of Jesus Christ to pray for them. Lord, we thank you that you’ve put them in positions of authority. … We just declare over this capitol building: Nothing can stop the kingdom of God. Nothing can stop the plans of God.”

Among the Kansas legislators who appeared on stage with Feucht were state Reps. Doug Blex, Jason Goetz, and Ken Rahjes, and state Sens. Virgil Peck and Rick Kloos.

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