Sean Feucht and TPUSA Faith Launch 50-State ‘Kingdom to the Capitol’ Tour

Sean Feucht and Sen. Josh Hawley on "Let Us Worship" stage on National Mall, Sept. 12, 2021

Church musician turned political activist Sean Feucht has teamed up with the religious arm of right-wing youth organizing group Turning Point USA for a two-year, 50-state road trip designed to bring Feucht’s mix of worship and hard-right politics to every state capitol.

After a kickoff event attended by seven members of Congress in the U.S. Capitol rotunda March 9, the “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour headed south with a swing through Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Jackson, Mississippi, and Montgomery, Alabama this past weekend. In Alabama, Chief Justice Tom Parker, a longtime ally of the disgraced former Chief Justice Roy Moore, participated in the tour and invited Feucht to pray in the Supreme Court chamber.

Rep. Lauren Boebert was among the members of Congress who joined a small crowd in the U.S. Capitol March 9 to sing along with Feucht as he strummed his guitar. Afterwards, Feucht tweeted, “The Capitol became an Altar…There is ONE KING over America…”

Feucht, a missionary musician associated with controversial Northern California megachurch Bethel, ran for Congress in 2020 in what he said was obedience to a call from God. Despite playing up a Dec. 2019 visit to the Oval Office where he prayed over former President Donald Trump, Feucht did not make it through the primary. But the failed run hooked him on politics, and he formed a political group called Hold the Line in 2020 and ramped up his activism in opposition to public health restrictions on church gatherings that were designed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Since then, Feucht has held “Let Us Worship” rallies on the National Mall featuring appearances by Sen. Josh Hawley, New Apostolic Reformation leader Ché Ahn, and dominionist Lou Engle, as well as video remarks from Trump. He also started a podcast; when Boebert was a guest, Feucht praised her as a “gangster for Jesus.”

While Turning Point USA was founded in 2012 with a libertarian bent, founder Charlie Kirk has since teamed up with Christian nationalists, and endorsed Feucht’s congressional run in 2020. In 2021, Kirk launched TPUSA Faith as a political vehicle for “restoring traditional biblical values in our nation” by pushing conservative pastors to get more active politically. It held its first summit for pastors last year. Kirk regularly makes “Freedom Night” presentations in churches.

Since his failed run for office, Feucht has established a beachhead for spiritual warfare two blocks from the U.S. Capitol in a rowhouse he has dubbed “Camp Elah,” which he says is a biblical reference to the stream where David picked up the stones that he used to slay Goliath.

Feucht and Kirk have both been influenced by Rob McCoy, a California pastor-politician who is allied with Christian Nationalist political operative David Lane. McCoy serves as TPUSA Faith’s co-chair. In an interview on Feucht’s Hold the Line podcast, McCoy acknowledged that his Calvary Chapel church has theological differences with Bethel’s charismatic Pentecostalism, but he praised Feucht’s political activism and his collaboration with TPUSA Faith. “We have an agenda,” Feucht said. “We want the kingdom of God to take over. It’s a clear agenda from heaven.”

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