Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Little Gay Demons

  • Sean Feucht claims that former President Donald Trump really wanted to attend the prayer event Feucht held on the National Mall but couldn’t because President Joe Biden “took the entire bandwidth of the Secret Service” by attending various 9/11 commemorations.
  • Lauren Witzke always knew “that the Teletubbies were little gay demons.”
  • Rachel Hamm asserts that she was told by God to run for secretary of state in California “to expose lies, to speak truth, and to establish my kingdom every single place that you step your foot.” She also claims that her youngest son is a “seer” and a “prophet” who saw God fill her house with angels to protect her as she carries out her right-wing activism.
  • It looks like David Barton has once again changed his view regarding the proper grounds for impeachment. During the Trump administration, he insisted that a president had to have engaged in criminal conduct, but now that Biden is president, Barton says that malicious incompetence is sufficient grounds.
  • Finally, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem declares that the positions taken by political leaders must “line up with the word of God” and brags about pushing for prayer in public schools.