‘Guilty as Charged’: Sean Feucht Proudly Admits to Being a Christian Nationalist

During an appearance Thursday at a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Christian musician turned right-wing political activist Sean Feucht unequivocally declared himself a Christian nationalist.

Christian nationalists believe the U.S. government should run according to biblical principles and that Christians should be in power. Feucht embodied that desire, boldly proclaiming his intention to see our government overtaken and completely controlled by Christians.

Feucht is currently leading a “Kingdom to the Capitol” tour that is designed to bring Feucht’s mix of worship and hard-right politics to every state capitol in the nation. Following a performance at Sheridan Church—run by MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer—Feucht preached to the congregation, urging them to embrace the Christian nationalist label and the right-wing political agenda that it promotes.

“Hell hates it that we’re worshipping at every capitol across America,” Feucht declared. “That’s why we get called, ‘Well, you’re Christian nationalists. You want the kingdom to be the government?’ Yes! ‘You want God to come and overtake the government?’ Yes! ‘You want Christians to be the only ones?’ Yes, we do.”

“We want God to be in control of everything,” he continued. “We want believers to be the ones writing the laws. Yes. Guilty as charged.”

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