Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Equity and Inclusion

  • Laura Loomer declares, “I truly believe with all of my heart that the media and the Democrat Party leadership want another 9/11.”
  • Peter Ticktin, the lawyer behind former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and dozens of others, told QAnon conspiracy theorist Ann Vandersteel that the lawsuit is a matter of “good versus evil.”
  • Patrick Howley, says that when people use the terms “equity and inclusion,” what they are really saying is “they want to kill whitey and forcibly rape children.”
  • Andrew Wommack insists that Christians are not to blame for the division in society: “It’s all the liberals and the ungodliness that [they] have been cramming down our throat. And because we’re standing up and saying, ‘No,’ they’re blaming us for the division, but they’re the ones that cause it with all their woke policies.”
  • Finally, as part of his war against Disney, Sean Feucht is vowing to strip the company of tax breaks and prevent states from investing in Disney stock: “We’re coming after them. We’re going to hammer them where it hurts.”