Chris McDonald: God Will Destroy the Democrats for Trying to Impeach Trump

Right-wing commentator and radical conspiracy theorist Chris McDonald closed out his “The MC Files” program last night by warning that God will destroy the Democratic Party for opening an impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

“There is a spiritual component to this folks,” McDonald said. “The Lord of Heaven is looking down on this travesty, he’s looking down on this political witch hunt, he’s looking down on this false accusation, this sowing discord among the brethren tearing the country to pieces; these are the things that God hates. And whenever a political party is invested, like the Democratic Party is, in things that God hates, they’re headed for destruction.”

“They are coming up against a power that they do not want to come up against,” he continued. “All the atheists in the Democratic Party are going to find out very soon that God does exist and he’s going to deal with this in the strictest of ways … There is going to be hell to pay when this is all over with and it’s not going to end bad for the president, it’s going to end bad for these people that are doing it.”

McDonald likened to situation to the Book of Esther in the Bible, in which Haman, an adviser to the king, plotted to destroy the Jews, only to be hung on the gallows that he had intended to use on his rival, Mordecai.

“A Haman spirit that is operating in the Democratic Party tonight, it’s going to be reversed,” he said. “The gallows that they are preparing for Donald Trump, there is going to be somebody in their own party that is going to hang on those gallows. You mark that word down tonight. I feel that word prophetically, I feel it spiritually, I feel it without blinking an eye. … The Democratic Party is preparing the table for their own destruction, not President Trump’s.”