‘Touch Not My Anointed’: Chris McDonald & Leigh Valentine Say God Will Destroy Omarosa For Betraying Trump

Leigh Valentine and Chris McDonald, who regularly host the “Faith & Freedom” program on the YourVoice America network on Sundays, appeared instead on McDonald’s own “Mc Files” program last weekend, where they declared that God will destroy former White House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman for betraying President Trump.

McDonald claimed that the family of the late actor Michael Clarke Duncan, to whom Manigault Newman was engaged before his death in 2012, “have opened an investigation into her for misusing his money,” which he said is retribution from God for her betrayal of “God’s anointed.”

“When you go out and you try to destroy someone that God has anointed and you go out and destroy God’s appointed person, you better make sure that you know what you’re doing,” McDonald said, “because God has a way, Leigh, of putting the spotlight back on you and you bearing the cost of your own deception.”

“She has sought to destroy President Trump and now she’s going to wind up being destroyed herself,” McDonald declared. “And that should warn every one of us, we better be careful how we talk about people that God has his hand on.”

“You better be careful how you come against this president,” he cautioned. “We are to respect the authority that God has ordained and when we don’t, Leigh, we put ourselves in his crosshairs.”

Valentine agreed, declaring that “God called Donald Trump to be the president” and had explicitly warned people in the Bible to “touch not my anointed.”