Chris McDonald: God Will Destroy the Democrats if They Use the House to Harass Trump

On last night’s episode of “The McFiles” program, host and right-wing commentator Chris McDonald warned Democrats that God will destroy them personally and as a party if they attempt to use their control of the House of Representatives to harm President Trump.

“These Democrats think they’ve won some kind of pseudo-victory and get all the control of these committees and they’re going to go after Trump,” McDonald said. “I would submit to you, my friend—and I’m saying this from a strictly spiritual standpoint—I’ve never seen a president that has God working through him more, has worked through him more, than this one.”

“I do believe President Trump has God’s hand upon him,” he continued. “I would warn the Democrats tonight—and I’m not saying this flippantly, I’m not saying this to be funny—I’m warning them very seriously, they had better be careful how they touch this president and they better be careful what they do. It will be to their destruction personally, it will be to their destruction as a party.”