‘There Are No Coincidences’: Chris McDonald Exposes the Demonic Forces Behind ‘A Star Is Born’

Chris McDonald dedicated his “The MC Files” program last night to covering the “Demonic Root of Pedophilia Infested Hollywood,” during which he sought to expose the demonic forces that were supposedly behind the success of the recent remake of the film “A Star Is Born,” starring Lady Gaga.

“Lady Gaga basically literally performed a satanic summoning of a demon at the Super Bowl [in 2017],” McDonald said. “The halftime show was nothing but a demonic ritual.”

“This lady, who is full of the devil,” he continued, “this past January, she’s thrust onto the scene [in] a blockbuster movie, a remake of a 1978 film called ‘A Star Is Born.’ There are no coincidences. You know what this is referencing folks? What is Lucifer called? He’s called the Morning Star or the Fallen Star.”

“When you say, ‘A Star Is Born,’ that is a slap to the American public with a demon, a satanist, a practicing satanist in the lead role that it’s OK,” McDonald added. “A star is born, Satan is born into this world.”