Right-Wing Pastor Leon Benjamin Tells Conspiracy Rally, ‘We Are the Next President of the United States’

Thousands of right-wing activists gathered at Influence Church in Anaheim, California, over the weekend to hear a cavalcade of election, COVID-19, and QAnon conspiracy theorists speak at the latest installment of Clay Clark’s “ReAwaken America” tour.

Among the speakers this time around was “apostle” Leon Benjamin, a Virginia-based pastor who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2020. Introduced as “a former spiritual adviser for the Trump administration,” Benjamin used his time on stage to declare that the church should “rule and reign” over America while promoting Seven Mountains Dominionism. Seven Mountains Domonionism is grounded in the belief that right-wing Christians are to “do whatever is necessary” to take control of each of the seven main “mountains” that shape our culture—education, government, media, business, arts and entertainment, family, and religion—in order to implement the will of God throughout the nation and the world.

“The church was meant to rule and reign in the Earth,” Benjamin declared while proclaiming that the church needs modern “apostles,” such as himself, to guide it properly. “What happens when the church is not apostolically uniformed? We don’t have the true mission of what Jesus said in Matthew 28:19, which was, ‘Go ye out into all the world’—go ye into government, go into education, go into economy, go into sports and entertainment, go into media, go into a religion—’and teach all nations and baptize them.’ That means we should be baptizing presidents!”

“This is why President Donald Trump gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ,” Benjamin continued, “because when I first met him, he was like, ‘You people have a lot of power.’ But have you heard him lately? He prays in the name of Jesus.”

“Our job in these tours is to light a fire back up under the church again, to get you out of the pew, get you out of the chair, and get you back into the world,” Benjamin added. “We are the next president of the United States. I ran for Congress in 2020, and they did steal my election. That’s why I’m running again in 2022, but I’m taking the power.”

As for Benjamin’s claim that his election was stolen, that is a little hard to believe given that he lost by a margin of 100,000 votes, raking in only 38 percent of the vote while his opponent, Democrat Rep. Donald McEachin, won 62 percent.