‘You Are Islamicizing Your Genitals,’ Jarrin Jackson Tells Transgender Individuals

Jarrin Jackson, a radical right-wing activist and conspiracy theorist who is running for a seat in the Oklahoma Senate, declared during his daily livestream Tuesday that transgender individuals are “Islamicizing [their] genitals” by undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

Given that Jackson is a “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorist, it was hardly surprising that he used his livestream to accuse parents of transgender children of engaging in child abuse.

Jackson brought up a 2017 post on Reddit from a parent desperately seeking advice on how to help their transgender child, which he used to accuse that parent of being “criminally negligent” before telling transgender people that they are rebelling against God by “Islamicizing your genitals.”

“Genesis 1 [says] God made man in his image, male and female, he created them,” Jackson proclaimed. “God’s categories are good categories. God’s plan is a good plan. It’s a good order. Most of what we see today is a rejection of God’s order. Most of what we see today are people seeing what God has made and choosing to reject it and deny it and destroy it and to molest it.”

“That father, I believe, is criminally responsible for manipulating and grooming his daughter,” Jackson said of the parent in the Reddit post. “It’s his son, by the way. It’s not a daughter. That father was criminally negligent to his son because that father has not built his worldview on truth. The son is suicidal. The son is messed up physically, chemically, emotionally, relationally, truthfully.”

“It’s not ‘bottom surgery,’ it’s mutilation,” Jackson declared. “You’ve Islamicized your genitals. You’ve Islamicized yourself. Muslims do genital mutilation for women that have sex or commit adultery. That’s what Muslims do. You are Islamicizing your genitals.”