‘Send Me to War’: Jarrin Jackson Is Running for Office

Last September, MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, who is challenging Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s Republican primary, held a campaign event at which he was endorsed by right-wing activist Jarrin Jackson.

Speaking at the campaign rally, Jackson declared that he hopes to see the establishment of military tribunals that will send “godless commies” to “burn forever in a lake of fire.”

“Godless commies” is Jackson’s preferred term for basically anyone who doesn’t share his right-wing Christian nationalist worldview, and he has not been shy about repeatedly declaring that he wants to “shoot them in the face.”

Jackson is now running for a seat in the Oklahoma state Senate. Earlier this week, he released a campaign ad declaring that “we are at war with communism” and asking voters to “unleash me.”

“We are at war with communism,” Jackson says in the campaign ad, as he sharpens a knife. “Or I should say, communism is at war with us. This war is designed to not look like a war. They’re coming for our kids. They’ve destroyed the economy. They’ve hostaged the government. I’m a Bible-believing Christian. I believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. I also think it’s the only way we overcome. I think it’s the way that we win. I know it’s the way that we win. I’m running for state senate, and on June 28, I’d like to ask for your vote and for you to unleash me.”

On his Telegram page, Jackson posted that supporters could send “bullets” in the form of donations to his campaign to help him “spread the gospel. To spark a State sovereignty movement. To engage the godless commies.”

“Send me to war,” Jackson wrote.