Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Millstone Act

  • Jarrin Jackson does not care “what Jews think”: “I write one post saying the existence of the Jewish people proves the Bible is true & Christ is King & people go crazy.”
  • Stew Peters claims he was “swatted” earlier this week, and he’s pretty sure the entire thing was “concocted by the feds.”
  • Jackson Lahmeyer promises that if elected to the U.S. Senate, he will sponsor legislation to “cutoff ALL Federal funding to any school district in America that teaches Critical Race Theory or Woke Sexuality.” He’s going to call it “The Millstone Act.
  • Vincent James says, “we should be calling liberals pedophiles though. That’s what they are, proponents of child grooming, pedophilia, and child sacrifice.”
  • Finally, Nick Fuentes demonstrates the inherent difficulty of being a Christian fascist as he wants to idolize Joseph Stalin but has to pretend to disapprove of the fact that Stalin was an “evil” man who killed millions of people.