Right Wing Bonus Tracks: A Holy Ghost Hand Grenade

  • Jarrin Jackson declares that Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw is “a godless commie.”
  • Josh Bernstein suspects the FBI is paying parents to have their kids carry out school shootings so the government can confiscate all the guns and force everyone to get vaccinated: “You gotta think, folks. There’s always something behind the scenes.”
  • Dave Kubal warns that Congress has “a sinister plan to implement a national immunization record tracking system.”
  • Liberty Counsel declares that “this Christmas season when the Biden administration is desperately trying to control Americans by denying their religious beliefs and forcing them to inject experimental shots into their bodies, it is important to examine how communism can quickly eradicate the Christian faith in a nation.”
  • Finally, Stella Immanuel recounts how she almost caught COVID-19 but destroyed the virus by screaming and releasing a “Holy Ghost hand grenade” against it.