Wayne Allyn Root Remains Outraged By ‘Foul-Mouthed Senator, Disgusting Person’ Kirsten Gillibrand’s Use Of The F-Word

Yesterday, we noted that right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root had a bit of a meltdown in response to reports that Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York had “dropped the F-bomb a handful of times” during a speech she delivered last week.

We also noted that Root’s view that Gillibrand is a revolting “foul-mouthed loser” differed quite markedly from his views regarding the language used by Donald Trump, whom he literally praised for being “foul-mouthed and vicious” and the sort of New Yorker who “uses the F-bomb once in awhile.” In fact, Root loved “all of that crude talk by Trump” and even hoped to see the release of more “secretly recorded videos” that “show Trump using the ‘F’ word.”

Predictably, Root took issue with our post highlighting his hypocrisy on his radio show yesterday, insisting that there is a “big difference” between the two issues because “it doesn’t count when you catch someone as a dirty person, you catch someone in a private conversation with a secret recording.”

Root laughably insisted that Trump’s infamous comments bragging about being able to sexually assault women because of his fame were “illegally recorded in a locker room conversation between friends,” for which someone should have gone to prison.

After saying that liberals “are just disgraceful, they’re unhinged, they’re mentally ill, they’re disgusting,” Root again went off on Gillibrand’s choice of language.

“It’s beyond belief that a U.S. senator, let alone a female U.S. senator, would use the F-word in a public speech!” Root said. “It’s the most deplorable, disgusting thing I’ve ever heard!”

Root insisted that Trump’s comments cannot in any way be compared to “a female sitting United States senator with a filthy mouth, that should have her mouth washed out with soap.”

“Kirsten Gillibrand,” Root said, “you should have your mouth washed out with soap, you foul-mouthed senator, disgusting person. What kind of a woman uses the F-word as a United States senator in public?”