One Week Into Trump’s Presidency, Wayne Allyn Root Declares Trump ‘The Greatest Conservative President In History’

Over the weekend, conspiracy theorist and sycophantic Donald Trump supporter Wayne Allyn Root posted a video in which he declared that, after just one week in office, Trump is already “the greatest conservative president ever.”

Root said that Trump has already managed to make Ronald Reagan “look like a slacker” and a liberal, rejoicing that the “dream wish list” of things he hoped Trump would do in his first term in office has already been put in place in just days.

“Trump’s gone straight from ‘can-do’ to ‘already done’,” Root crowed. “It’s only been a week and already my wish list is in place … Simply amazing, breathtaking, head-spinning and all of this happened in Trump’s first week. Even God rested on the seventh day; Donald Trump doesn’t! Can you imagine what Trump will do starting his second week? There’s no longer any doubt, Donald Trump is already the greatest conservative president in history.”