Wayne Allyn Root, Who Praised Trump’s Foul Mouth, Calls Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand A ‘Foul-Mouthed Loser’

Right-wing commentator, conspiracy theorist and Donald Trumpobsessed sycophant Wayne Allyn Root had a bit of a meltdown on Twitter over the weekend in response to reports that Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York had “dropped the f-bomb a handful of times” during a speech she delivered last week.

Root was so scandalized by Gillibrand’s language that he sent out six separate tweets decrying it on Saturday:

While Root is now outraged by Gillibrand’s foul mouth, he had quite a different response last year to the language used by Donald Trump, whom he literally praised for being “foul-mouthed and vicious.”

“I think we need a war president and I think God sent us someone named Donald Trump,” Root said. “I think he’s perfect for this election. We needed someone who is a bit coarse and foul-mouthed and vicious and fights with a gun in a gunfight, not with a knife in a gun fight.”

“I think he’s the right guy at that right time,” he continued, “and I get very mad when Christians try and tell me that they’re not going to vote for him because he’s just too coarse and too foul and too vicious and he says offensive things. When you read the Bible, I read tons of vengeful things, I read tons of war and death and people being punished by God. God is not always nice; this God takes vengeance when he’s mad at you and he sends really vicious people when you need them.”

When Root was questioned about this stance, he defended Trump’s language by asserting that Trump is “very New York, everyone I know in New York curses a lot, uses the F-bomb once in a while and Donald has been known to do that.”

In the wake of the release of a video featuring Trump using crude language and bragging that his fame allowed him to get away with sexually assaulting women, Root penned a column not simply defending Trump but openly praising him and calling for the release of videos that “show Trump using the ‘F’ word”:

And if Donald Trump is a tough talking caveman, GREAT!

If he sounds like an animal, so be it.

If Trump is a savage, all the better. We’ve found our guy.

We lost with Mitt Romney and John McCain being nice polite gentleman. We would have lost this year with milquetoast Jeb Bush or John Kasich.

But Trump is a warrior. All of that crude talk by Trump just makes him the perfect guy to burn Washington, D.C., down … Trump is one big middle finger to all the people in power – to “business as usual.” He is our middle finger. He is our caveman. He is our savage. He is our animal.

So he doesn’t have to be well-mannered. Trump gets bonus points for being a savage. If he makes ladies in gowns faint … if he makes liberals vomit … if he makes crooked politicians tremble … then he’s our guy!

All of this bad stuff, all of these secretly recorded videos, they just make the story better.

Release more videotapes – we dare you.

Show Trump using the “F” word. Release a Trump sex tape. Show Trump talking about how he owns all the crooked politicians. Prove Trump doesn’t pay taxes to our corrupt government. We love it. You’re just feeding the beast. You’re making the legend of Trump even bigger. You’re making our folk hero 10 feet tall. You’re creating a monster.


Last year, Root had no problem with Trump or other New Yorkers using the F-word and was practically begging for the release of videos showing Trump speaking in such a manner. But when Gillibrand, who is also from New York, used such language, Root threw a fit, calling her a “foul-mouthed loser” and saying that this sort of language “crosses lines I never imagined.”