Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 5/2/17

  • On his new radio show, Wayne Allyn Root introduces himself as “a relentless Trump warrior, freedom fighter, American patriot, capitalist evangelist, conservative rockstar and all-around badass.”
  • The New York Times reports that Donald Trump was “unyielding” when his daughter Ivanka and others demanded that he issue an apology for bragging that his fame allowed him to sexually assault women. That seemingly conflicts with James Robison’s claim that Trump “was so embarrassed, so broken, so contrite” that he could hardly talk.
  • Though the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to California’s law banning ex-gay conversion therapy, Randy Thomasson remains hopeful: “With the Supreme Court likely to have at least one or two more justices appointed who will likely be very friendly to religious freedom and an accurate interpretation of the Constitution, we could very easily see the Supreme Court take this issue up in the next few years with a favorable decision for religious freedom.”
  • Peter LaBarbera reports that the president “gets an A+ for his first 100 days from many for his pro-life record, but social conservatives battling the LGBTQ agenda are less enthused about Trump, with one giving him a C+.”
  • Finally, conservative Christians should avoid the new “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie because “it glorifies lawlessness.”