‘Walk Away’ Speaker Celebrates Proud Boys Violence, Talks of Civil War 

Drew Hernandez at Nov. 15, 2020 Walk Away rally. (Image from coverage by Right Side Broadcasting Network.)

At a pro-Trump rally in Washington, D.C., on Sunday sponsored by the Walk Away movement—which includes LGBTQ, Black, and Latino people who have “walked away” from the Democratic Party—several speakers said the movement is all about love. Speaker Drew Hernandez, however, did not seem to get the “love” memo, because he celebrated Proud Boys’ violence against anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter activists and said he was ready for civil war. The Proud Boys are a hate group with a record of provoking fights with leftist activists.

Hernandez produces a web show called “Lives Matter” as well as videos for the right-wing Tatum Report website that often focus on violence he claims is perpetrated by anti-fascist and Black Lives Matter activists. In a recent appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show, he made the same charge about street violence that took place in Washington, D.C., on Saturday night after the “Stop the Steal” march, which also went by the names “Million MAGA March” and “March for Trump.” Hernandez also baselessly denounced the election as a “fraud.”

At Sunday’s rally, Hernandez started his comments by claiming that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will not denounce violence by leftist activists—something Biden has in fact repeatedly done—and that Biden wouldn’t do so because it would cause him to lose support from “the deep state.” Hernandez denounced Biden as a “communist agent,” saying, “Every single one of us know that Joe Biden is literally, literally in the back pockets of the Chicoms. He is a communist agent and we all know that.”

At one point in his remarks at the Sunday rally, after he led chants of “U-S-A,” Hernandez declared, “That will be the rally cry until every single one of us bleed for this country.”

While a big part of the Walk Away “love” message is that the pro-Trump movement welcomes gay people, Hernandez used “pansies” as a derogatory term. Hernandez celebrated seeing anti-fascist activists “get absolutely mopped on the floor by the Proud Boys,” adding, “You want to know why?” He continued:

Because police officers have their hands tied by leftists. They’re not allowed to fight back—yet—but we do! We do! We punch back! We fight back! We’re not going to stand here and be little pansies and allow antifa and Black Lives Matter threaten us. We are Americans! We are not communists! We are not socialists! We are not deep state agents! We are Americans!

And right now, it’s your time, America! It’s your time to rise! Whether Donald Trump wins or not, it’s your time to rise! Because we will not go down without a fight! We will not go down without bloodshed!

I don’t care. I don’t care. The media could take what I say and say that I’m violent. I don’t care. Antifa and Black Lives Matter brought us to this point. If they want a fight, then they got one because I’m not afraid of these communists. I’m not afraid of these socialists. You know where to find me. You know where I live. Come down. I’m ready for you—2A all day, baby!

We will not go away! We will keep America great! We will make America great again and again and again and again!

Let me just say what’s on all of your minds: If they want a second civil war, then they got one! Because I will not let this country fall! I will not let this country burn! I will fight to the very last breath!

Sunday’s rally was covered by the Right Side Broadcasting Network, which streams many pro-Trump rallies live. This video excerpt of Hernandez’s remarks is drawn from RSBN’s coverage: