QAnon Conspiracy Theorist DeAnna Lorraine Says Black Lives Matter Wants White People to ‘Bow Down’ and ‘Treat Them Like Gods’

During her livestream broadcast yesterday, QAnon conspiracy theorist and failed congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine declared that the goal of the Black Lives Matter movement is to force white people to “bow down” to black people and “treat them like gods.”

“We talk about the insanity of what this Black Lives Matter agenda really is and it is not ‘black lives matter’; it’s ‘black lives superior’,” Lorraine said. “Make no mistake. They don’t want to be treated as equals. They’re already treated as equals in America. They want us to bow down to them. They want us to grovel to them. They want us to apologize if we are white for the color of our skin that we can’t control. So that’s what they want to do, and they want us to treat them like gods while we get whippings and lashings and floggings and are ashamed of ourselves. That’s what they want. Let’s make no mistake.”

Lorraine, who suggested earlier this year that the fact that COVID-19 was disproportionately affecting black Americans was probably because black people were ignoring social distancing guidelines, so they could have big “house parties and barbecues and crawfish boils,” asserted that she might be booted from social media or banned from Fox News for simply declaring the truth about BLM and its intentions.

“We have to fight back,” she said. “We can’t apologize for calling truth out and saying Black Lives Matter is ridiculous because all lives matter. All lives are equal, and all lives matter, and also police lives matter too. If black lives all really matter, then why are you guys not talking about the black lives like the black police officers that have been killed by rioters over the last week? Why don’t their lives matter? They’re black. Why don’t black lives matter when it comes to abortions? Why don’t black lives matter when it comes to black on black crimes? Because it’s a hoax. Black Lives Matter [is] not about that—it’s about power, and it’s about black lives superior, and it’s about ushering in a new totalitarian leftist-run government. And of course, it’s about stealing this next election because Black Lives Matter only seem to matter every four years when there’s a major presidential election.”