Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Downplaying Dominionism

  • Liz Crokin says that she is not worried about any of the Democratic candidates beating President Trump in 2020 because they are all going to be in prison by next year for treason, crimes against humanity and/or trafficking children.
  • The American Family Association is targeting Whole Foods “urging them to no longer sponsor Drag Queen Story Hour events” and encouraging activists to “call Whole Foods corporate office and let them know sponsoring sexual deviancy to children is bad for business.”
  • Seven Mountains proponent Os Hillman admits they have been downplaying the dominionism aspects of the movement: “We moved away from the seven-mountain branding to ‘culture shaping’ that is more inclusive and less controversial for those who seem bent on making the seven-mountain strategy something it is not.”
  • Jim Bakker dedicated his TV show today to discussing recent mass shootings, which he predictably insisted were a sign that we are living in the End Times.
  • Finally, Gordon Klingenschmitt credits Jesus for a Islamic cleric who protected 262 Christians from Muslim attackers in Nigeria in 2018.