Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorists Have Been Engaged in Imprecatory Prayer on Behalf of Jerome Corsi

On Monday’s episode of “The Hagmann Report,” right-wing conspiracy theorist Steve Quayle reported that he and others have been engaged in “imprecatory prayer” against Special Counsel Robert Mueller in an effort to protect their friend and fellow conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi.

Corsi, who has been repeatedly interviewed as part of Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, says that he expects to be indicted for lying to investigators and is currently attempting to turn himself into a martyr for the right-wing cause by rejecting a plea deal that had been offered.

During Monday night’s radio show, SkyWatch TV’s Tom Horn, who just yesterday suggested that Hillary Clinton may be the biblical Whore of Babylon, revealed that he has been friends with Corsi for years and said that he suspected that his emails with Corsi may be in the hands of Mueller’s investigators. That prompted host Doug Hagmann, who is also close friends with Corsi, to reveal that Horn is, in fact, “within that web that the special counsel is looking at,” which Hagmann said he knows because he too has been entangled in Mueller’s investigation due to his ties to Corsi.

In response, Qualye reported that Corsi’s allies have been engaging in imprecatory prayer—which is the act of calling on God to strike down, harm, or curse ones enemies—against Mueller and the entire investigation.

“Things change when people pray,” Quayle said. “And we prayed imprecatory prayer—and I’m giving God the glory and thank God that people take him serious … We’re in a battle of such a spiritually wicked, horrific evil that’s being poured forth.”

“The gates of hell are opening,” he added. “The occultists have controlled the discourse from the time until the Gospel put them in the background. The background now is in the foreground, they are returning … Now they’ve come back and I think it’s important that people thank the Lord God of Heaven for intervening on [behalf] of Dr. Corsi and begin to, again, thank him for exposing all the evil.”

“God is going to reveal the sins of the leaders,” Quayle declared. “Everything they have accused—quote—the right, the Christians, the conservatives of, they were guilty of themselves and I believe that God himself is rising up to fight this battle.”