‘Please Don’t Let The Bad Guys Win’: Jerome Corsi’s Call To Prayer For 2018 Elections Attacks Soros

Last month, Infowars Washington bureau chief, ardent right-wing conspiracy theorist, and prominent birther Jerome Corsi launched his own website called Corsi Nation. Yesterday, Corsi tweeted out a video asking people to join with Corsi Nation in “prayer for the victory of the mid-term elections.”

The new video posted on Corsi Nation features biblical quotes guaranteeing that anything asked for in prayer will be granted and asks God to “please defeat your enemies” as well as to “please protect our president from assassination” before featuring a photo of a little girl in prayer along with the message, “Please don’t let the bad guys win.” Finally, the video urges people to come together “in asking for God’s hand in these elections.”

The Corsi Nation website also features a list of prayer points upon which conservatives should focus in this election, including:

  • the removal of all voting machines that are funded and backed by George Soros and the cancelling of scheduled upgrades of machines in states that have been linked to voter fraud and all other electronic counting machines which do not report accurate election results.
  • the stopping of the interference of financiers, financial institutions, and individuals such as George Soros and others who are funding groups, funding the propagation and acceptance of election machines and equipment which are designed to steal elections and to report fraudulent results, by miscounting, by using algorithms that skew results and favor preset agendas and outcomes.
  • the appropriate immediate and effective legal and legislative measures as required to stop the shadow banning, content deletion, censoring, and silencing of news and truth on all news and broadcast outlets, on television, radio, in digital and print, as well as social media such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit and others.
  • the silencing of the constant hatred and animosity toward President Donald Trump, his supporters and those candidates who stand for God’s Will in their platforms, campaigns, and actions.
  • the stopping and exposure of all attempts to program the subconscious minds of the people through repetitive propaganda, subliminal advertsing, repetitive news narratives, fake news, and psychopolitics.