Jerome Corsi: ‘I Fully Anticipate in the Next Few Days I Will Be Indicted by Mueller’

When we brought you the news back in March that Jerome Corsi, then the Washington bureau chief for Alex Jones’ Infowars outfit, challenged Special Counsel Robert Mueller to a fistfight, we assumed it was because of his fealty to President Donald Trump, who would like to shut down Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election (and what the Trump campaign team may have known about it). Now it seems that Corsi may have a more personal ax to grind.

Corsi has since left Infowars and now runs his own website called Corsi Nation. Yesterday, he said that he’s anticipating receiving an indictment from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Corsi was first subpoenaed in September as part of Mueller’s investigation. Prior to his subpoena, Corsi had frequently fixated on Mueller as someone he believed to be actively undermining President Donald Trump.

“I fully anticipate in the next few days I will be indicted by Mueller for some form or other of giving false information to the special counsel or to one of the other—grand jury or however they want to do the indictment,” Corsi said. “I’m going to be criminally charged.”

Later in the broadcast, Corsi asserted that at the end of the day, he expected to be indicted because he supported President Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump is getting control, I think, of the Department of Justice—if the criminals are running the Department of Justice and that’s basically my conclusion—the criminals are running the Department of Justice. And by the way, I think my crime was really that I dared to support Donald Trump,” Corsi said.

He added, “I’m now going to have to go to prison the rest of my life because I dared to oppose the deep state.”

Corsi proceeded to ask that his followers donate to a “legal defense fund.” As Andrew Kaczynski at CNN pointed out, it’s possible that Corsi is fabricating the claims to aid his fundraising efforts. Throughout his career, Corsi has been a purveyor of gobs of conspiracy theories, including the “birther” conspiracy (that alleged the President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. and was consequently ineligible for the presidency), and, most recently, the palpably false QAnon phenomena.