Jerome Corsi: The Pope Supports LGBTQ ‘Pedophilia Agenda’

Jerome Corsi, Washington bureau chief for Alex Jones’ Infowars, said in a livestream video yesterday that he believed that Pope Francis was OK with pedophilia being mainstreamed by LGBTQ activists.

The Catholic Church is in the headlines once again for the crimes of priests after a Pennsylvania grand jury issued a damning report on child sex abuse by hundreds of priests against thousands of children, and the subsequent cover-up conducted by bishops. In one of his daily live videos, Corsi blamed Pope Francis’ supportive remarks about LGBTQ people for the child sex abuse scandals rocking the church.

“I’m convinced that Pope Francis is OK with homosexuality and does not seem to be offended by the pedophilia agenda, which is the next horizon for the LGBT, to desensitize people to pedophilia as if, ‘Well, it’s just this older person mentoring this younger person‘—not dealing with all the psychological abuses that come along to youth who are sexually abused or groomed into the sex trade,” Corsi said.

He went on to claim that the corruption of the Catholic church was “institutional” and likened that corruption to the fact that Hillary Clinton has not been arrested, something that Corsi believes to be unjust. (Hillary Clinton is not Catholic.)

“And a lot of our institutions right now, I think as we are likely in End Days—certainly it feels like it—we are going to see a lot of these institutions collapse from corruption from within,” Corsi said.