Jerome Corsi: GOP Train Accident ‘Was A False Flag Terror Attack’

Jerome Corsi, the crackpot conspiracy theorist who works as a “journalist” for the right-wing website Infowars, participated in a livestream on YouTube this morning in which he asserted that an accident yesterday in which a train carrying dozens of Republican members of Congress collided with a garbage truck was really an ISIS “sleeper cell” attack.

According to Corsi, the government had shut down every road that intersected with the route the train was traveling and that the train itself was being escorted by an Apache attack helicopter, which spotted a truck racing alongside the tracks, accelerating in order to “try to calculate the timing to hit the train” and derail it.

“There were three guys in the cab, we don’t know their names, we don’t know who they were,” Corsi said. “We are getting zero information out about this at all. This was clearly an activating sleeper cells attack that failed, done by amateurs who we are going to later find out probably had affiliation with ISIS or whatever.”

Corsi said that once he started warning that the collision was really a “false flag” attack on Twitter yesterday afternoon, the CIA went “into overdrive with its Operation Paperclip and sends out people to attack me on Twitter when I am trying to explain to everybody … that we have now got enough evidence to know this was a false flag terror attack.”

How exactly this could be a “false flag” attack while also being an attack that was carried out by an ISIS sleeper cell was not something that Corsi bothered to explain.