Right Wing Bonus Tracks: You’re Doing a Great Job of That Yourself

  • Jarrin Jackson asserts that “Godless commies sexualize children bc they hate God and love sin.”
  • A warning from Scott Lively: “The rainbow is your warning sign. If you condone, let alone celebrate, ‘gay pride,’ you choose the side of Lucifer against God and earn for yourself a share of the wrath to come.”
  • Despite claiming to have been told by Jesus to run for secretary of state in California, Rachel Hamm failed to advance in Tuesday’s primary.
  • Refusing to accept that she received only 3.4 percent of the vote in Georgia’s GOP gubernatorial primary, Kandiss Taylor says that God told her to ask her supporters to submit notarized affidavits declaring that they voted for her: “They actually were trying to make me look stupid.”
  • Finally, Stew Peters has now gone so far down the QAnon/Pizzagate rabbit hole that he’s now filming videos outside of Comet Ping Pong.