Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Whose Side Are You On?

  • A simple question from Gordon Klingenschmitt: “You know Jesus is pro-life. You know Satan is pro-death. Whose side are you on?”
  • Speaking on behalf of God, right-wing pastor Kent Christmas delivered a message for “those that stole this election”: “You challenge me? You’ve challenged the wrong power.”
  • Johnny Enlow says that those who are able to see things from Heaven’s perspective know that former President Donald Trump “carries more governmental authority than any person on the planet and he has all year.”
  • Lauren Witzke warns that “the Regime’s calculated plan is to terrorize you into questioning your own sanity or to make you forget what they did in the 2020 elections. Never forget what they have done, and never forget what they continued to do to us after they positioned themselves into power.”
  • Finally, the House voted to establish an office within the State Department tasked with combating Islamophobia. In response, radical anti-Islam activist John Guandolo is demanding that every representative who voted for the bill be arrested and charged with treason.