Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Prepare to be Shocked

  • MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer sent a notarized affidavit to Sen. James Lankford, challenging him to a debate. Lankford declined.
  • Kent Christmas declares that “God is doing miracles” and says that “if Donald Trump is not back in the office by the end of this year, I’m going to be shocked.”
  • Johnny Enlow prophesies that “many of our most famous pastors and Christian leaders are about to be exposed as sexual deviants, pedophiles, and worse.”
  • Greg Locke says COVID-19 restrictions and vaccines are a “precursor” to the Mark of the Beast system and declares that “when tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes biblical.”
  • David Lane complains that “praising and celebrating the supposed virtues of gayness, transgenderism, queerness and their own special brands of diversity, equity and tolerance, secularism’s priests and priestesses currently dominate the intellectual, educational, economic and vocational levers of power and influence in America.”
  • Finally, DeAnna Lorraine announces that she will no longer hang around vaccinated women because the last time she did so, she missed her period and is now worried that she’s infertile.