Right Wing Bonus Tracks: When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor

  • James Dobson warns that “our great nation is being distorted by the radical Left into a morally broken land of division and despair. The end game could be the destruction of all that is good and noble. We, as Christians, are the greatest force standing between those who hate America and those who love it.”
  • Elijah Schaffer is making money off of posting racist and bigoted content on Twitter.
  • Josiah David Moody, who was recently hired as a “digital media specialist” by TPUSA’s Benny Johnson, was photographed at white nationalist Nick Fuentes’ rally Sunday night with Christian fascist Dalton Clodfelter and frequent Fuentes collaborator “Sneako.”
  • David Barton appears to have grown so confident in the knowledge that nobody on the right will ever call out his falsehoods that he is now just making stuff up, baselessly asserting that various aspects of the Bill of Rights came directly out of the Bible. They didn’t.
  • The QAnon conspiracy theorists at Up Front In The Prophetic (Allen & Francine Fosdick) are convinced that President Joe Biden has been replaced by an “imposter” because the recent photos of him at the beach don’t match the fake images created by The Onion.
  • Finally, Lance Wallnau claims the Founding Fathers knew that God was responsible for their victory in the American Revolution because “they took on Britain [and] Britain had defeated Napoleon!” Napoleon was defeated in 1815, decades after the Revolution.