Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Let God Handle Your Enemies

  • David Lane warns that “if Christians stay home on Election Day—as they unfortunately often do—then secularists will permeate culture by electing their candidates, thereby creating and passing godless legislation, and codifying into law profane values where culture becomes the public manifestation of secular religion.”
  • Far-right streamer Ethan Ralph reports that “Elijah Schaffer was fired from the Blaze for allegedly drunkenly grabbing the breast of fellow-Blaze employee Sara Gonzales.”
  • David Barton told a gathering of pastors that “people need to go to you to find out what the law means and what the law says. Not just the Bible law, but every law that’s out there. We’re the ones that have the best perspective on it.”
  • Ohio GOP congressional candidate J.R. Majewski appeared on “The Stew Peters Show” Tuesday. Peters is a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist who has filled his network with white nationalists, racists, and Christian nationalist bigots.
  • Finally, Candice Keller, a former Ohio state legislator, claims that when two of her political opponents threatened to remove her from office, God struck one down with disease and killed the other one: “By the time God is done with your enemies, he can do way more that you ever could hope.”