Right Wing Bonus Tracks: We Need a Storyteller

  • Glenn Beck reveals that Sen. Mike Lee has repeatedly encouraged him to run for president because “somebody needs to articulate where we are and what we face and who we have always been.”
  • Jarrin Jackson asserts that “the Founders didn’t mean ‘principled pluralism’ when they gave us the [First Amendment]”: “America is a Christian nation & must repent to the God of Scripture.”
  • Robin Bullock still insists that Joe Biden is not actually president because “Heaven did not anoint him to be president.”
  • Lauren Witzke declares that “the Devil is on assignment to wipe out Generation Z. They will be gay. They will be castrated. They will be unable to have children of their own. Those who enable and promote homosexuality are doing Satan’s work for him.”
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow claims that evangelical pioneer Billy Graham was actually a 32nd Degree Freemason who sold his soul to the devil.