Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Unconscious Competence

  • Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” apparently believes that making money off a “reality” television show is much more legitimate than making money from writing bestselling books, as Sen. Bernie Sanders did.
  • Pizzagate-obsessed right-wing “journalist” David Seaman has reportedly had his YouTube account restored, after having been banned from the platform for well over a year.
  • Josh Bernstein never served in the military, but he serves America every day by posting videos on YouTube:  “I eat, sleep, and breathe protecting and saving this nation.”
  • Gualberto Garcia Jones, the president of the Personhood Alliance, is calling on Christians to cancel their Netflix subscriptions because the company signed a production deal with Barack and Michelle Obama: “Nowhere is this Machiavellian self-interest more evident than in Obama’s long and lucrative relationship with Netflix.”
  • Finally, Bill Mitchell declares that President Trump is so naturally gifted that he operates on a level of “unconscious competence” that allows him to automatically dos the right thing without having to even think about it.