Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Why Leftists Hate Christianity

  • Janet Porter’s “Heartbeat Billpassed again in Ohio and she is overjoyed: “All the glory for this victory goes to Jesus Christ alone.”
  • E.W. Jackson declares that “there is no explanation why leftists hate Christianity, other than satanic influence.”
  • Josh Bernstein is disgusted that he shares a last name with famous journalist Carl Bernstein and wishes that Carl would change his: “In the end, Josh Bernstein gonna be bigger than this tool could ever have been. I have more journalistic integrity in my little pinky finger than he has in his entire brain and body.”
  • Bill Mitchell is getting a little worked up.
  • Finally, Barbwire’s David Jolly is not happy about a “haunted Christmas event” being put on by an Ohio high school: “When God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, it was more than just punishing them for their open homosexuality, but for the total depravity of the people of those cities. They focused on satisfying their own personal carnal lusts and desires, which most likely went beyond their sexual perversions. Friends, this describes what America is becoming today and Christmas displays like that at the Dent Schoolhouse are the visible displays of a deadly disease that is destroying our nation.”