Josh Bernstein: Trump’s Travel Ban Should Be Imposed Retroactively

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court ruled that President Trump’s latest travel ban can take effect while its legality is being challenged in the courts, which prompted right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein to declare that every person currently in America who came from any of the nations targeted by the ban should be immediately rounded up and deported.

“I would like to see everybody in America that is from Chad, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen—these are the countries on the banned list—that are here on temporary visas or are here illegally,” he said, “they should be rounded up and deported immediately.”

“You have precedent to do it,” Bernstein continued, “because they’re here based on the fact that Chad, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen are now banned. So it should be retroactive. We should find who these people are and we should clear them out of the country. That’s right, I said that.”