Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Trump’s Inhuman Critics

  • After heaping praise on President Donald Trump, Franklin Graham claims that he’s “not telling people who to vote for, but I certainly am encouraging people to pray about who to vote for—and to pray for this president with so many in the media and the progressive, socialist-leaning left doing everything they can to stop him.”
  • E.W. Jackson is proudly voting for Trump because he thinks that Trump doesn’t care about money or power or fame and only wants what is best for America, whereas Joe Biden cares only about enriching himself.
  • Cliff Kincaid warns “the Swamp,” the “Deep State,” and “homosexual cabal now running the Catholic hierarchy … all backing Biden for president” and only “President Trump stands in the way of their grab for total power.”
  • Sid Roth is confident that Trump will be reelected because a “prophet” recently told him that “young, white liberals that you think hate President Trump are going to vote for him in droves.”
  • Glenn Beck, who spent the 2016 election asserting that anyone who voted for Trump would be held accountable by God, is now insisting that Trump is being used by God.
  • Finally, Mark Taylor says Trump is justified in attacking his critics and calling them names because “some of these people aren’t even human.”