Sid Roth Doesn’t Believe That Trump Lies Intentionally

Sid Roth, host of the television program “It’s Supernatural,” hosted a live Q&A session on his YouTube channel last night, during which he asserted that he doesn’t believe that President Donald Trump ever intentionally lies but that that he knows for a fact that the media relentlessly lies about the president.

When asked by a viewer whether he believed that Trump lies, Roth hemmed and hawed, insisting that couldn’t say for sure while maintaining that Trump probably doesn’t intentionally lie because he is a Christian who “is trying to follow God.”

“I have friends who tell me they’ve led him to the Lord, that he is a man that is trying to follow God,” Roth said. “I personally believe he is, because I see the favor of God on his life.”

“I don’t think he lies intentionally, but I think he would tell a lie,” Roth added. “Do I think that the media that accuses him of some horrific lies lies? Yes! That I know. Whether he lies or not, I don’t know. But whether the media lies about him I know because I know the facts, and I see how they distort or take things out of context.”

Just this week, the Washington Post reported that Trump has made more than 18,000 false or misleading statements during his time in office.