Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Mask of the Beast

  • Scott Lively is starting a church and refusing to “recognize the authority of secular government to dictate any aspect of our doctrine or practice” because “as an Ambassador of the Church of Jesus Christ I do not recognize the authority of the Supreme Court — an arm of the state — to legislate from the bench on church/state matters.”
  • DeAnna Lorraine exposes the connection between mask requirements and the Mark of the Beast.
  • Bill Donohue declares that “one of the greatest threats to the health and safety of black Americans today is not the police. It is Black Lives Matter.”
  • E.W. Jackson says that George Soros needs Jesus: “It doesn’t matter what your religion is or what your background is or what your race is or what your nationality is, your ethnicity doesn’t matter, everybody needs Jesus.”
  • Roger Stone and Rep. Matt Gaetz have endorsed Laura Loomer’s bid for Congress.
  • Finally, speaking of Stone, he will be sharing his personal testimony regarding his newfound faith in Jesus at right-wing pastor Greg Locke’s church at the end of the month.