Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Way of Satan

  • Shane Vaughn declares that any woman who doesn’t “marry, bear children, [and] guide the house” is following “the WAY OF SATAN – the Selfish way.”
  • Josh Bernstein asserts that former President Barack Obama is still in control of the White House but is hiding behind “a 78-year-old dementia patient and his fake Black whore.”
  • John Doyle admits that he is a white nationalist.
  • Lauren Witzke insists that her support for Russian President Vladimir Putin is the right position because “the Ukraine tranny Nazis are seething” over it: “That’s a good way to always measure that you’re on the right side.”
  • Finally, Jarrin Jackson argues that “if God would have wanted us to wear a mask” to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’d have “come out of the womb with a mask on.”