Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Dumb Vote

  • Jackson Lahmeyer was able to meet former President Donald Trump and is seeking Trump’s endorsement in his effort to unseat Sen. James Lankford in Oklahoma’s Republican primary.
  • Josh Bernstein continues to insist that “Trump won a landslide. It was 410 electoral votes to 128, if you want to know exactly the numbers. He absolutely crushed it.”
  • Shane Vaughn says that winning the popular vote in a presidential election is meaningless because “the popular is the dumb vote because dumbness runs in the masses.”
  • David Lane remains hard at work seeking to impose his Christian nationalist agenda on North Carolina, declaring that “North Carolina is the new model for the nation, as well as a paradigm shift … provided it’s the Lord deal” and reporting that “a total of 2,596 North Carolina pastors and spiritual leaders participated in the 2021 North Carolina Renewal Project pastor luncheon.”
  • Finally, Lauren Witzke believes that last weekend’s deadly tornado outbreak was due to “weather modification”: “I truly believe in weather modification. I believe that this was very evil.”