Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The War on Disney

  • Scott Lively declares that “every MAGA mom, dad, grandparent and concerned patriot” needs to understand the danger posed by the “Dystopian Pedophilic Disney Corporation.”
  • “Do you see Minnie (Mouse) in a dress?” asked Oklahoma GOP state Senate candidate Jarrin Jackson. “Or do you see Mickey holding a penis?”: “The people at Disney are pedophiles.”
  • Josh Bernstein vows to be “relentless” in his effort to personally destroy Disney because everyone who works there is “disgusting, sick, woke, leftist pieces of trash.”
  • Marc Thielman, a GOP candidate for governor in Oregon, was hanging out with conspiracy theorist and “alpha toxic male” Clay Clark at the ReAwaken America event held in the state last weekend.
  • Mario Murillo proclaims that Christians must get more involved in politics because “the Satanic agenda being pushed by the Left is killing people. It is drawing them toward death.”
  • Finally, Dave Hayes assured his followers that there is no reason to be alarmed by the “globalists” trying to “starve us to death and destroy our economies” because God will miraculously “multiply the food we have” and allow cars to run without gas.