Right Wing Bonus Tracks: An Intellect

  • Jan Markell says that with President Joe Biden in the White House, “we’re entering some extremely dangerous times, and I think it’s appropriate that the Bible calls the last days perilous.”
  • Scott Lively declares that the “Biden ‘presidency’ is proof that our republic has been replaced by despotism – the consequence of our loss of virtue as a people.”
  • John Zmirak warns that “the Democrats are doing to the US government what Antifa and BLM rioters did to the statues of its founders.”
  • E.W. Jackson proclaims that “the only characteristic of these Democrat socialists more pronounced than their venality, pettiness, lying, hypocrisy and obsession with power is their STUPIDITY!”
  • Penny Young Nance asserts that evangelical leaders who refused to support former President Donald Trump “let down the pro-life movement by not standing firm on the fact that we needed a pro-life president.”
  • Josh Bernstein is confident that he’d easily be elected president if he ran because he’s “an intellect.”