Josh Bernstein Warns of Bloody Revolution If Biden Wins

Radical right-wing commentator Josh Bernstein posted a video on his YouTube channel Friday in which he warned that if Joe Biden wins the election in November, “the only thing that’s going to save this country is revolution.”

Bernstein, who has repeatedly falsely insisted that Democrats are preparing to engage in massive voter fraud because “it is mathematically impossible” for Biden to win the election fairly, warned that a Biden presidency would result in a cavalcade of horrors, ranging from the dismantling of the Second Amendment to the wholesale confiscation of private wealth.

The only remedy, he said, will be violent revolution.

“I am personally trying to scare the living shit out of you on purpose,” Bernstein said. “Why? Because I want you to understand what is at stake here. I can’t be any clearer than my message is now. And yes, you should be frightened. But more importantly, you should be motivated—which I know you all are—but more importantly, it is your responsibility to get other people that you know to not only see this video so they understand what’s at stake, but anyone out there that doesn’t want to vote for Trump, they’re signing their own death warrant, as far as I’m concerned. And not just their own, but for their country.”

“Everything, folks, is on the line. Everything,” he added. “If, God forbid, they figure out how to steal this election, the only thing that’s going to save this country is revolution. And trust me, it will happen. There’s no question about it. And when it happens, we will have a new America. Yes, there will be blood spilled, unfortunately, but they’re bringing it upon us.”