Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Trump Train

  • Lauren Witzke claims that celebrities and politicians got “special batches” of the COVID-19 vaccine to make sure “they didn’t fall over dead” and that the whole thing was a “test run” for the Mark of the Beast.
  • Janet Mefferd says that ideally “the best possible way to govern would be to have a solid Christian at every leadership helm and the Bible itself as every leader’s guiding light.”
  • Tyler Russell is excited that “fascism has been normalized”: “5 years ago you could slander someone by calling them a fascist, now it’s just like ‘yeah and you aren’t?'”
  • Elijah Schaffer can’t believe that people get mad at him just for posting outrageously bigoted content on his social media pages.
  • Finally, Johnny Enlow warns Christians that they had better get on “the Trump Train” because throughout the Bible, people frequently lost their lives “by not recognizing who God is working through.”